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Malus fusca (Western Crabapple)



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 Tracheobionta Vascular plants


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 Rosaceae Rose family


 Malus Mill. apple


 Malus fusca (Raf.) C.K. Schneid. Oregon crab apple

Often growing in thickets, this small tree grows moderately fast to reach 40.

It is native to low elevations from coastal Alaska to northwestern California, USDA zones 6 9.

Its leaves resemble those of cultivated apple tree leaves, turning red or orange in autumn.

The branches are armed with distinctly sharp spur-shoots.

White, clustered flowers are smaller than those of cultivated apples but equally fragrant.

Fruits are but 1/2" and hang in clusters on long stems. These tart fruits can be picked when immature and stored until ripe a wise idea as the birds may otherwise beat you to the tasty fruit! Crabapples make a flavorful juice (yielding as much as 2 cups of nutritious juice per lb. of fruit!) or jelly.

Crabapples like moist areas and sun or shade.

Photo of fruit, below left, by James Gaither

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