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Myrica californica (Pacific Wax Myrtle, California Wax Myrtle)


 Plantae Plants


 Tracheobionta Vascular plants


 Spermatophyta Seed plants


 Magnoliophyta Flowering plants


 Magnoliopsida Dicotyledons






 Myricaceae Bayberry family


 Morella Lour. bayberry


 Morella californica (Cham.) Wilbur California wax myrtle

An outstanding evergreen shrub, Pacific Wax Myrtle is typical of dune landscapes but is perfect for most native gardens.

A dense, bushy shrub to 15,' it has clean, glossy, green leaves throughout the year.

Small flowers form before the leaves and are followed by purple nutlet fruits that are attractive to birds and from which you can render wax.

Hardy between USDA zones 7-10, this shrub is found from Washington to southern California and in isolated places on Vancouver Island, in full sun or shade.

It "fixes" nitrogen and therefore tolerates poor soil. Use as a specimen or hedging plant, as it survives high winds.

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