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In the years before the Northwest Native Plant Journal was created, Wally wrote a newsletter in which he shared his thoughts with fellow gardeners. Although many of these were lost in transition, a few do remain. The topics of each missive have been imported to our website and are now available here for your viewing pleasure. They illustrate the true passion Wally had for native plants. He celebrated the beauty, the utility and the harmony found in surrounding ourselves with these natural wonders.

Should you happen to come across one of Wally's newsletters we're missing, I'd be most appreciative of a copy. I will scan them into this part of our website to be enjoyed by us all.

Thanks and happy reading!


Published Date


May 2000 Huckleberries, propagation, Blueblossom
July - August 2000 Rhododendrons, semi-hardwood cuttings, lilies, Modoc Cypress
October - November 2000 Pacific Wax Myrtle, collecting seeds, winter cuttings, fall color, wildlife habitat
April - May 2001 Fawn Lilies, wildlife habitat, Calypso Bulbosa
July 2001 Tiger Lilies, collecting sleeve, honeysuckles, trilliums
August 2001 Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pines, huckleberry recipe, Western Red Cedar
October - November 2001 Silk tassel, winter cuttings, propagating Calypso Bulbosa, bare root plants
March 2002 Mahona, propagating willows, northwest native maples, more on trilliums
June 2002 Cuttings, web site development, sources for native plant seeds, Sudden Oak Death
December 2002 Free seeds, Vine Maple, winter cuttings, soils and native plants, planning for birds
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