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Landscape and Garden Professionals
Need some help turning a ho-hum garden into a wow? These professionals offer insightful designs using plants native to the Pacific northwest. They are listed here in no particular order, with as much information we could gather from their websites and from online references.

This collection of gardening gurus are presented for info only. We have no personal experiences with any of them. If you have worked with any of them and care to share feedback, please email your thoughts to me and I will add them here to help other gardeners.

Patricia Acheff, APLD
Visionscapes Northwest
17605 NW Lone Rock Dr
Portland OR 97229
T: 503.531.3947

"I strive to make each of my designs a unique collaboration between my clients, their spaces, and the natural environment in their area. I love the process of discovering just the right look and feel for each new garden, and of creating new living areas that bring people out of the house to enjoy them."

Owen E. Dell, RLA, ASLA
Landscape Architect • Educator • Author
Owen Dell & Associates, LLC
Corvallis, Oregon
T: 541.602.3575

"A licensed landscape architect specializing in sustainable landscaping, including rain gardens, native landscapes and restoration, wildlife habitats, edible gardens, and water-efficient landscapes. I am also the author of Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies and other books."

East Bay Wilds

Pete Veilleux

East Bay Wilds

1972 - a - 36th Avenue

Oakland CA 94601

T: 510.409.5858



Specializing in the use of native plant material for use in residential and commercial landscapes of the east bay. We design, install and maintain naturescapes using plants cultivated in our own native plant nursery.

Michele Eccleston
T: 503.358.8588

The Purple Garden designs gardens for people who want to grow their own food and medicine (herbs), attract and support birds, insects and wildlife, and create a garden sanctuary for relaxation and outdoor entertaining. Purple Garden specializes in native plant garden design.

Note: I don't know what is up with this website. It just brings up a blank page with “The Purple Garden” near the top. Here's hoping it gets adjusted soon.

Liz Frances
The Garden Angels Landscape Design
Project Management & Contracting, LLC

(also dba Sustainable Design Strategies)
910 Madrona Ave SE
PO Box 3313
Salem, OR 97302
T: 503.581.5356 or
T: 877.408.1100 (toll free when calling from outside Salem area)

Residential and commercial landscape design, consultation, and project installation. Coordinates projects with Owners and Contractors, from concept to completion and maintenance. Special emphasis on sustainable design and best management techniques, and use of native plants. Provides seminars on sustainable landscape design and construction technologies for landscape designers and homeowners.

Donna Giguere, APLD
Landscape Design & Consultation
T: 503.777.1177
I believe in using "the right plant for the right place" to ensure that our diminishing native plant habitat can survive. I am certified by The Association of Professional Landscape Designers and am Eco-Certified by the City of Portland. I bring my sculpture background into every garden design I create. Greenroofs, rain-gardens and utilizing the principles of Permaculture are just a few of my design passions. I work with many different budgets!

Mary Jaron Kelley
T: 503.249.9306

Community Networking Specialist, Environmental Educator at City of Portland. Provides naturescaping and beneficial landscaping design services.

Kathryn Leech, APLD
River City Gardens
3605 SW Canby St
Portland OR 97219
T: 503.293.6114
Sustainable landscape design, consultations, plant shopping, rain gardens, hardscape design, ecoroofs, native plants.

Carol Lindsay
Design in a Day
Portland OR
T: 503.223.2426
Since 1984, Carol Lindsay has created hundreds of unique designs for her clients. She takes a fun and collaborative approach while combining environmental sensibilities with an experienced eye for the potential and limits of the site. Past President of the Association of NW Landscape Designers, she also offers Design in a Day, a fast-track design process for clients with smaller properties. The designer has a special interest in using natives and low water plantings.

Dennis Lueck
2755 Potter St
Eugene OR 97405
T: 541.684.8716
Full range landscape design with emphasis on beneficial landscapes and use of native plants.

Sara McFarland
The Garden Tender
Hillsboro OR
T: 503.640.2284
Enhancing the natural form of flowers, ornamental shrubs and small trees through selective pruning and maintenance.

Julie Miles
Modern Backyard
3213 West Wheeler St, #308
Seattle WA 98199
T: 206.276.6505

Our focus is the design of contemporary gardens for individuals and families who seek exceptional AND affordable garden design. MODERNBACKYARD offers personal, creative, and thoughtful services at a substantial cost savings by using the following web-based approach, particularly suited to the DIY homeowner

Ross NW Watergardens

Ben Bowen
T: 971-242-9653

Ross NW Watergardens is a Portland, Oregon based licensed, bonded, and insured landscape contractor.

LCB# 9085

(503) 761-3683

Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts

PO Box 2431 
Tualatin, OR 97062-2431 
T: 541.382.6320



We design / build naturally functioning  ponds lakes and streams surrounded by native wetland plants.


'Bringing water to life'

Pond . Lake . Stream . Planning . Design . Construction

"A new day is dawning on the potential of your land"

Eileen Stark
Second Nature Garden Design
Portland OR
T: 503.467.8545
Designer is a biologist with landscape design and horticulture training who works with nature toward ecologically sustainable designs by utilizing the principles of permaculture and restoration ecology. Transforms underused spaces into vibrant landscapes that meet clients' needs while conserving resources and increasing biodiversity. Edible landscapes, native habitat gardens and water-wise designs. Also offers consultations for garden renovation, new homeowner advice, on-site problem solving, educational services and coaching for people new to organic gardening.

JJ Sweeney
Salamander Designs
605 SE 37th Ave
Portland OR 97214
T: 503.804.5252
Business hours: 11am to 7pm

Landscape designer who specializes in lower maintenance gardens with year-round beauty, using sustainable landscaping techniques such as using natives, conserving water, and gardening organically. Knowledgeable about rain gardens, ecoroofs, and urban farming. Consultations, coaching, plans for smaller areas, plant procurement, plant placement. Teaches classes on landscaping with native plants, lower-maintenance landscapes, year-round beauty, waterwise landscaping, lawn alternatives, designing for small spaces, gardening in the shade, basics of design, preparing the soil, and organic gardening.

Gretchen Vadnais
Kathleen Baughman

Gretchen Vadnais Landscape Architects, LLC
12115 NW Old Quarry Rd
Portland OR 97229
T: 503.646.3517
F: 503.288.9343


Comprehensive landscape architectural services for projects of all types and sizes, with a focus on naturescaping, sustainable landscapes and watershed issues. Specific expertise using native plants to recreate historic plant communities, provide wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity and decrease long-term maintenance. Also experienced in tree preservation, storm water mitigation, permaculture and xeriscaping.

Amy Whitworth
Plan-It Earth Design
1725 SE 34th Ave
Portland OR 97214
T: 503-239-0105

Garden designer/artist with strong tendency toward the use of NW native plants within the context of textural, colorful year-round plantings which are diverse and friendly to wildlife, people and the environment. Prefers collaborative approach with homeowners. Teaches classes on naturescaping and rain gardens at the E Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.
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