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Warning: The gardener's condition Darcy Mahar called "horticultural depressive-manic cycle" (HDMC) is already affecting some gardeners here in the Pacific northwest. Darcy thought April was a "particularly dangerous month. Itís plant sale month." Almost every time I accidentally find myself in a nursery, especially one that has native plants, the only thing I can see are growing wonders of the earth.

A couple weeks back, I took a drive north to visit Bosky Dell Natives in search of six Pink Honeysuckles (Lonicera hispidula). I had sent them a email about what I wanted, they responded quickly, and the road trip was on.

Soon as I arrived, the HDMC overcame me completely! I wandered around for how long I don't know, all senses were engulfed in a mist of enchantment. Lory Duralia and her staff were very kind and gentle (I think they had seen this malaise before). I was able to leave after a while, but only after Lory agreed to grant me an interview a little later in the spring. I'll share the results with you in a coming NW Native Plant Journal. Until then, I recommend Bosky Dell Natives. Go see. You will not be disappointed. Visit their website,

Learn more about Dulcy Mahar in our NW Native Plant Journal for March 2012,

Photo by Walter Siegmund

March 2014--New Journal!

This issue features well-illustrated articles about:

Vertical gardening--Native vines of the Pacific northwest

At your service--Northwest native Serviceberry.

Weed alert--Early spring weeds are here

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Notice: Photos on this website, unless otherwise indicated, were taken by me, Jennifer Rehm, or by the former nursery's staff photographer, JoAnn Onstott.


(How I met the garden's master)

Once upon an autumn weekend (I think it was around 1995), a fellow gardener and I planned to visit a nursery close to Salem, Oregon. I'd found a small ad in the local newspaper's classifieds offering native plants for sale. The idea of including natives in our gardens was novel and intriguing. I was sparsely acquainted with this genre,

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